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Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, Senior Fellow, MFA Diplomatic Academy, Singapore, Adjunct Professor at Singapore Management University (SMU), Adjunct Professor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Joergen Oerstroem Moeller.

 Reviewed by former ASEAN Secretary-General, Mr. Ong Keng Yong, The Straits Times for 11 June, 2008.



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 A) Latest comment in International Herald Tribune.

2) August 25, 2007 (letter), Heed the warning, Click or link http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/08/24/opinion/edlet25.php.
1) November 29, 2006, Lesson from history - leave the Yuan alone. Click or link  http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/11/29/opinion/edmoeller.php

 B) Latest Comments in the Straits Times.  

 18. December 29, 2007. LESSONS FROM TWO FINANCIAL CRISES. Chance for Asia to seize the day. Click
 17. August 14, 2007. Tackling Asymmetry in Financial Market. Click
 16. August 8, 2007. Yes or no to Integration, ASEAN 40 years. Click
 15. June 22, 2007 about shift in global economy and Southeast Asia (This is SE Asias´s moment). Click.
 14. June 12, 2007 about Eye opener for Asia. Reprint article in Opinion Asia, see below, of 10 June 2007. Click
 13. March 22, 2007 about EU`s 50th anniversary. Click
 12. February 10, 2007, with Rodolfo C. Severino, A Significant Step Ahead, about the ASEAN Charter, click
 11. December 29, 2006 about Asia and Europe must step up to bat, Click
 10. October 11, 2006 about China, India to profit from law of abundance - same article as published in Opinion Asia see below 
 -9.September 28, 2006 about Asean can be more like the EU, Click
  8.June 6, 2006 about Far too early to call for obituaries (about EU!) Click - Click.
  7. May 30, 2006 with Rodolfo C. Severino about EU`s lessons for East Asian integration, Click
  6. April 12, 2006 about New Globalisation debate threatens Asia, Click
  5. March 18, 2006 about US attitude will help shape Asian integration. Click 
  4. January 20, 2006 about Template for Sino-Japan peace.  Click - Click.
  3. November 30, 2005 about Unified Asian voice will sound louder on world stage. Click
  2. October 18, 2005 about a new Atlantic partnership. Click
  1. October 4, 2005 about the role of EU in Southeast Asia. Click.

 C) Latest comment in The Business Times

 3. October 23, 2008, How to save the financial world, Click or http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/sub/views/story/0,4574,302405,00.html?
 2. April 3, 2008, Slide in the US dollar: What it means for Asia, Click
 1. November 4, 2005 about The Nordic Model Click.

 D) Latest comment in China Daily 12-13 December 2006 quoted in last three paragraphs on US-China Strategic Economic dialogue. Click.

 E) Latest comment in Yale Global online.
 5. October 6, 2008, The Russian Challenge, Part II, Click or http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=11418
 4. February 27, 2008, Is the Sun setting on US Dominance?, Click or  http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=10418. Reprinted in South China Morning Post, March 28, 2008, http://www.scmp.com/portal/site/SCMP/menuitem.2af62ecb329d3d7733492d9253a0a0a0/?vgnextoid=97be8e94350f8110VgnVCM100000360a0a0aRCRD&ss=China&s=News
 3. October 19, 2007,  Gale Warning, Global Burden Sharing, Click or http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=9850
 2. Reposting of article from ´The National Interest online´17 April 2007 with Terence Chong, A Nationalist United States of
    America:  Part 2 - part 1 10 April 2007http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=9085
 1. `Nationalism or Integration: A US role for an Asian Choice?`- reprinted from Opinion Asia - 
http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/ (Scroll Down) or click on this http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=8937
 F) Latest comment in `The National Interest online`.

  5. April 22, 2008. Voices from Afar: The Next depression. Click or http://www.nationalinterest.org/Article.aspx?id=17422
  4. October 10, 2007. China`s Model - the Washington Realist.  Click or http://www.nationalinterest.org/BlogWR.aspx?id=15740
  3. June 6, 2007. The Holy Grail of Central Banking. Click or http://www.nationalinterest.org/Article.aspx?id=14568.
  2.  April 17, 2007 with Terence Chong, A Nationalist United States of America: Part 2  click or http://www.nationalinterest.org/Article.aspx?id=14002 and part 1 10 April 2007 Click or http://www.nationalinterest.org/Article.aspx?id=14000
  1. 27 October 2006, The New Media Inc,  with Terence Chong  Click or http://www.nationalinterest.org/Article.aspx?id=12720.

 - Comment about `The Rise of China`, Spring edition 2006 of `The National Interest`. Click

 G) Latest comment in Asia Times on line.

 9. November 20, 2008, Hazardous path out of crisis. Click or  http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/JK20Dj02.html
 8. July 24, 2008, Protectionism goes into reverse. Click or http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Asian_Economy/JG25Dk01.html
 7. January 10, 2008, Asia to follow serfin` USA? Click or http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/JA10Dj01.html.
 6. November 13, 2007, Asia has a model in the EURO, Click or http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Asian_Economy/IK13Dk01.html.
 5. August 7, 2007, Unconventional wisdom on exchange rates, Click or         http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Asian_Economy/IH07Dk01.html.
 4. July 18, 2007, Financial storm ahead. Click or http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/IG18Dj01.html. 
 3. March 8, 2007, Whispers in the Wind, Click or http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China/IC09Ad03.html.
 2.  November 29, 2006, Growth in Asia propels US stocks. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/HK29Dj01.html or    Click.
 1. April 7, 2006, new globalization threatens Asia, http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/HD07Dj01.html

 H) Latest comments in Opinion Asia.
 15. Asia Looks Forward: The Decline of the US Dollar. 19 December 2008. Click or  http://www.opinionasia.org/TheDeclineoftheUSDollar  
 14. Obama's real dilemma: To kill Globalization or not? November 6, 2008. Click or http://www.opinionasia.org/ToKillGlobalisationorNot
 13. What kind of America post-Financial Crisis? October 10, 2008.  Click or http://www.opinionasia.org/Americapostfinancialcrisis
 12. WTO Negotiations Crash: what Now? August 5, 2008. Click or http://www.opinionasia.org/WTONegotiationsCrash.
 11. Inflation Woes: Is the Global Economy in need of Retooling? July 7, 2008. click
 10. Institutional collapse? The End of Globalization. March 3, 2008. Click or   http://www.opinionasia.org/InstitutionalCollapseTheEndofGlobalisation
 9. Another looming crisis: A Whistle-blower in Centro? December 26, 2007. Click or http://www.opinionasia.org/Anotherloomingcrisis.
 8. Post-Bali and Post-Kyoto: Who shall pay for Climate Change? 3. December 2007. Click or  http://www.opinionasia.org/WhoshallpayforClimateChange. Reposted in Today for December 4, 2007.

 7. Recovering from the Sub-Prime Debacle: The Coming Crisis, 9. October 2007. Click or http://www.opinionasia.org/TheComingCrisis.
 6. Markets in Disarray? Don't sweat over the fever, cure the patient. Click or http://www.opinionasia.org/MarkertsinDisarray. Reposted in TODAY for September 3, 2007 link http://www.todayonline.com/articles/209000.asp.
 5. Saying No! Foreigners and the Birth Pangs of New Protectionism about investment of sovereign funds. 26 July 2007. Click or website http://www.opinionasia.org/ForeignersandtheBirthPangsofNewProtectionism.
 4. The New Capitalism: Lessons for Asia. 10 June 2007. Click or website  http://www.opinionasia.org/TheNewCapitalism.
 3. Nationalism or Integration A US role for an Asian choice? 7 March 2007. Click or website http://www.opinionasia.org/NationalismorIntegration
 2.  Asia and the Global Economy. 24 November 2006. Click or website http://www.opinionasia.org/AsiaandtheGlobalEconomy.Also printed in Brunei times of 27 November 2006.
 1. New Economics favour China and India. Website http://www.opinionasia.org/NewEconomicsFavourChinaandIndia.

 I) Latest comment in TODAY.

 3) How the EU Saved the World, October 18, 2008, Click or http://www.todayonline.com/articles/282184.asp
 2) The Resilience of the European Union, June 20, 2008. Click or http://www.todayonline.com/articles/260609.asp.
 1) Dutch Way, Muslim Way, April 19, 2008. Click or http://www.todayonline.com/articles/249218.asp.

 J) latest comment in South China Morning Post.

 4) 29 December 2008, Much Leaner Days in Store for US. Reposting of article from Opinion Asia (19 December 2008). Click
 3) 8 November 2008. An Open Mind. reposting of article from Opinion Asia (6 November 2008). Click
 2) 18 July 2008. Disunited front. Reposting of article from Opinion Asia (7, July 2008).  http://www.scmp.com/portal/site/SCMP/menuitem.2af62ecb329d3d7733492d9253a0a0a0/?vgnextoid=263cce3f6513b110VgnVCM100000360a0a0aRCRD&ss=Insight&s=Opinion
 1) 28 March 2008. Rise and demise. Reposting of article from YaleGlobal online (27 February 2008). http://www.scmp.com/portal/site/SCMP/menuitem.2af62ecb329d3d7733492d9253a0a0a0/?vgnextoid=97be8e94350f8110VgnVCM100000360a0a0aRCRD&ss=China&s=News.

 K) Latest comment in The Futurist, Nov-Dec 2006. Click.

 L) Latest articles in journals. Asia Europe Journal Volume 4. Number2. June 2006, Risk and opportunities. Global trends affecting Asia Click. Asian Affairs, No 27, Year 2006. the US facing Asian integration: A policy dilemma. Click


 1) Eight Daisaku Ikeda Annual Lecture. 29 June 2008. Topic: Securing Peace in Asia for the Next 25 years. Click.
 2) My contribution ´Fight Terror from the Moral High Ground` published in ´New Thinking on Peace´ by SOKA, Singapore 2007. Click.

 N) Interview in DanBiz June - August 2008. Click


 27) Nanyang Technological University.  Paper submitted to ‘Interdisciplinary Studies on happiness workshop II’ 20 – 21 November 2008, organized by the Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Topic: Happiness as a driver for creativity and growth: The example of Denmark. Click.
Guest lecture at Singapore Management University, 20 October 2008, Basic Elements of the European Union. Click
 25) Workshop arranged by the EU-delegation in Singapore for heads of all EU-delegations in Asia. 11 September 2008. Political Developments in the Region. Click
 24) Symposium organised 3 july by ASEF on the book ‘ The New Asian Hemisphere’, by Prof. Kishore Mahbubani. Intervention on ´The importance of global  institutions in mediating between the West and Asia´. Click.

 23) Lecture at Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), NTU, Singapore, April 10, 2008. Click.
 22) Presentation at Norwegian Business association, Singapore, 21 February 2008. Topic: future perspectives for Asia. Click.
 21) Guest lecture, 20 February 2008, National University of Singapore. Political Science. Topic: basic elements of the European Union. Click
 20) Lecture November 12, Diplomacy Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. RSIS panel. Click
 19) Lecture November 12, 2007, The EU-ASEAN Commemorative summit. Journalist`s Seminar. Topic: Regional integration for ASEAN & EU. Click
 18) Lecture October 12, 2007 at Tamkang University, Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, A Vacuum in Strategic Thinking: The Repercussions for Strategic Thinking of Globalization, Click
 17 Lecture October 12, 2007 at National Chengchi University, Basic Principles of the European Union and its Role in the World, Click.
 16) Lecture October 11, 2007, Chung-Hua institution for Economic Research, Globalization in an Asian-European Perspective, Click.
 15) Lecture October 11, European Chamber of Commerce Taipei, Globalization in an Asian-European Perspective, Click.
 14) Lecture September 24, 2007 at University of Copenhagen, Series "Europe as a Challenge - Challenges to Europe",  topic: " China, Japan and India as Challenges to the European Welfare State", Click.
 13) Presentation at Copenhagen Business School, Asia Business Forum 13 October 2006. Topic: India at crossroads - How will india respond to future dynamics of Asia. Click
 12) Presentation at Workshop organized by Economic Growth Centre and Division of Economics, School of Humanities and Social Science, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: Regulatory Impact Assessment and Decision Analysis and Effective Policy Making. June 2006. Topic: Economic Integration and FTAs. Click.
 11) Lecture at Copenhagen Business School, May 17, 2006. Topic: Global Transition of Power. Click.
 10) Presentation at Iseas seminar April 24, 2006 on Regional integration. Topic: Basic principles of the EU and its role in the World. Click
 9) Presentation at the annual meeting of all Danish business managers (VL døgn) January 24 - 25, 2006. Theme: Global Leadership. Click
 8) Presentation delivered at a seminar November 12, 2005 arranged in Singapore by  DTU (Denmark's Technical University) in collaboration with Insead. Topic: Globalisation and its impact on Asia. Click
 7) Presentations delivered at a seminar November 9, November 30, 2005 and February 8, 2006 arranged in Singapore by Danish industry in collaboration with Insead, Singapore. Topic: Economic outlook, Strategy and Tactic for enterprises on the Asian Market. Part One Click. Part two Click.
 6) Presentation at meeting October 28, 2005 about The Future of the University of Copenhagen in the Global Knowledge Society. Topic: The Global Market for Higher Education - an Asian Perspective. Click
 5) Presentation about The Economic Outlook for 2006 - any good investment ideas? Seminar organized by Nordea in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok in the week Oct 17 - Oct 20, 2005. Click
 4) Two presentations delivered to workshop September 2005 in Shanghai organized by Danish industry and Trade Commission of Denmark, Chongqing. Topic: Conquering the China Market. Click - Click
 3) Comment about Europe in Sept edition of The National Interest. Click
 2) Postgraduate Practical Law Course (PLC) 2005 EDU-DINE. September 2, 2005 at The Executives Club. Topic: Risk and opportunities. Global trends affecting Asia. Click
 1) New Strategic Thinking. Based upon presentation at IDSS (Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies) August 18, 2005. Click

- For those reading Danish

1) interviews mv.

 l) Verdens økonomiske magtbalance tipper mod øst, Information 18. September 2008. http://www.information.dk/166031.
 k) Eksportfokus August 2008, Asien Buldrer. Click
 j) Ugebrev fra Europakommissionen i Danmark, 26. Juni 2008, Europæisk forbiiellde for ASEAN. Click
 i) Asienkrisen, Penge & Privatøkonomi, Juni 2008. Click
 k) Verden er på vej mod brutal konfrontation, Information, 13. maj 2008. Click eller http://www.information.dk/159113.
 j) Kina på spring, Investor, Marts 2008. Click.
 i) Kan international transport gøres bæredygtig? djoefbladet nr 4, 2008. Click eller http://www.djoef.dk/online/view_artikel?ID=14743&attr_folder=F.
 h) Gadekaeret er blevet til verdenshavet, djoefbladet nr 20,  2007. Click
 g) Anmeldelse i Politiken af 18 marts 2006 af regeringens udspil om globalisering. Nederste hajvdel side 7. Click
 f) Interview i Nordjyske Tidende af 8 januar 2006. Click
 e) Interview i Teknikeren 11 05: ´Danmark skal være bedst til uddannelse´. Side 1 Click. Side 2 Click.
 d) Interview i Kom Magasinet nummer ni, oktober 2005 om uddannelse og Danmarks konkurrenceevne. Adobe acrobat reader kan være nødvendig.  Click

 c) Interview i Børsen fra den 23 september 2005 om økonomiske perspektiver for Kina. Click
 b) Ugebrevet A4 for August 15, 2005 brings a three page interview about prospects for Denmark to turn education into an export industry. Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3
 a) Politiken for May 22, 2005 brings a one page interview about eduction as the future boom sector in Denmark. Repercussions for the Danes and Denmark. You won´t be disappointed and if so, I cannot do more for you. Click

2) Præsentationer, indlæg, foredrag, artikler mv.

 v) Folkeskolesamling 2008, 15. November 2008, arrangeret af Pædagogisk udviklingscenter i Køge, Globalisering og integration. Globalisering og Uddannelse. Click
 u) Uddannelseskonferencen for undervisere i Skive den 30. Oktober 2008. 'Globalisering og Uddannelse'. Click
 t) Præsentation ved seminar arrangeret af Asia Research Center, CBS og FUHU den 1. Februar 2008, ´Den asiatiske udfordring -   dynamik og styrkepositioner´. Click
 s) Præsentation for Dansk Aktionærforening lokalafdelinger `Globalisering med fokus på Asien´ den 10. maj 2007. Click
 r) Præsentation for gruppe under institut for Ledelse `Den Globale Udfordring´ den 9. maj 2007. Click.
 q) Præsentation for gruppe af danske embedsmænd om `Globalisering med fokus på Asien`, den 21. marts 2007. Click.
 p) Præsentation for BKF (Børne- og kulturchef Foreningen) om `Globaliseringen er over os` den 17 november 2006. Click
 o) Præsentation for Dansk Metal om ´Globalisering og uddannelser med særligt henblik på Danmarks muligheder` den 16 november 2006. Click
 n) Præsentation for Økonomistyrelsen om `Den globale udfordring´ den 4. september 2006. Click
 m) Præsentation om `EU tænkepause´ for Den Konservative Folketingsgruppe den 17. maj 2006. Click.
 l) Præsentation for 11 rektorer for gymnasier på Fyn den 25 februar 2006. Emne: Det globale videnssamfund. Click
 k) Præsentation for Danish China Business Forum den 27 januar 2006. Emne: Kina om fem år - hvofor skal danske virksomheder handle nu? Click
 j) Præsentation for DHI den 26 januar 2006. Emne: Det globale vindensamfund. Click
 i) Præsentation for Nykredit den 7 december 2005. Emne:
Den globale udvikling med særligt henblik på Kina og Indien. Click
 h) Præsentation for Niras den 6 december 2005. Emne: Det globale vidensamfund. Click
 g) Præsentation for møder (5-8 december 2005) i København, Ålborg, Århus arrangeret af Prosa. Emne:
Globalisering og IT. Hvor er Kina og Indien på vej hen? Og hvilke muligheder har vi i Danmark? Click
 f) Præsentation for en gruppe danske erhvervsledere den 5 december 2005. Emne: Den globale politiske og økonomiske udvikling. Click
 e)  Præsentation den 2 december 2005 for Undervisningsministeriet om det globale uddannelsesmarked. Click
 d) Præsentation om eksport af danske uddannelser på mødet den 1 december 2005 i Globaliseringsrådet. Click   http://www.globalisering.dk/multimedia/PP_J_rgen__rstr_m.ppt

 c) To præsentationer om den globale økonomi, den asiatiske økonomi og muligheder/risici/udfordringer på det kinesiske marked for danske virksomheder. Kursus om global ledelse arrangeret af Dansk industri og Insead. Click - Click
 b) To præsentationer på møder September 2005 i Center for Ledelse. Emner: Globalisering, Asien og chancer samt risici. Click - Click

 a) Indlæg på Region Midtjyllands møde September 2005 om regionernes rolle i verden. Click

3) Artikler, kommentarer mv.

- Jyllandsposten 20 Januar 2009. Professor. USA er teknisk set bankerot (resume af artikel i Aktionæren fra Januar 2009). Click
- Politiken 11. Oktober 2008. Finanskrisen udløser et magttomrum. Click
- Berlingske Tidende 16. September 2008. Kronik. Et tab for Danmark, hvis SAS sælges til udlandet.   http://www.berlingske.dk/article/20080915/kronikker/709150016/
- Fyens Stiftstidende 11. August 2008. Kronik. Ny form for protektionisme. Click
- Politiken 27. December 2007. Kronik. Partnerskab med Asian. Sammen med Paul Hegedahl. Click.
- Bidrag til FUHU`s årsskrift med titel `Globale Perspektiver for det Danske Uddannelsessystem`. April 2007. Click.
- Politiken 25. Juni 2007 om ny kapitalisme og fonde. Click.
- Politikens kronik for den 5. oktober 2006, Universiteters kvalitet og størrelse. Website http://politiken.dk/debat/kroniker/article182093.ece

  A) Articles in Mandag Morgen

 o1) Januar 5, 2009, Fra lokal til global meningsdannelse.
 n1) December 8, 2008, Økonomisk krise truer global sikkerhed.
 m1) November 3, 2008, Tre nødvendige topmøderesultater. 
 l1) September 22, 2008, Krisen forgår, konsekvenserne består.
 k1) September 15, 2008, Russisk magtdemonstration blotter hullet dansk forsvarsstrategi.
 j1) August 18, 2008, Irans atomvåbenambitioner kræver barske modtræk.
 i1) August 11, 2008, Klimakampens skjulte dagsordener.
 h1) Juni 30, 2008, Olieprisens oversete konsekvenser.
 g1) Juni 15, 2008, Protektionisme med omvendt fortegn.
 f1) Maj 19, 2008, Asiens demografiske udfordring.
 e1) Maj 5, 2008, NATO mangler et formål.
 d1) April 21, 2008, Verden efter subprimekrisen.
 c1) Marts 25, 2008, Ny populisme sætter internationale institutioner under pres.
 b1) Februar 11, 2008, Fra markedsøkonomi til leasingøkonomi.
 a1)Januar 28, 2008, Asien køber op i USA.
 z) December 10, 2007, Virksomhedsledelse i det autoritetsløse samfund.
 y) November 19, 2007, Den næste finansielle krise.
 x) September 10, 2007, Stigende fødevarepriser.
 w) August 27, 2007, Ny finanskrise truer.
 v) August 20, 2007, Voksende forståelseskløft mellem EU og Rusland.
 u) August 6, 2007, Ny protektionisme truer den økonomiske globalisering.
 t) Maj 28, 2007, De globale institutioners afmagt.
 s) Maj 21, 2007, Trendskifte i den global økonomi.
 r) April 16, 2007, Står den globale kapitalisme for fald?
 q) Marts 26, 2007, Klimaændring udløser global fordelingskamp.
 p) Februar 19, 2007, Den Glemte krig.
 o) Januar 8, 2007, Svækket USA truer den globale vækst.
 n) December 11, 2006, Kapitalen vinder over lønningerne
 m) November 6, 2006, Atompolitik i ruiner om Nordkorea og ikke-spredning af atomvåben.
 l) Oktober 2, 2006,
Den rige verdens dilemma, gæstearbejdere holder hjulene i gang i både nord og syd
 k) August 21, 2006, Magt og afmagt om begrænsningerne i brug af magt i international politik og økonomi.
 j) August 7, 2006, Økonomisk afmatning kan udvikle sig til global recession.
 i) Juni 19, 2006, Magtskifte i energiforbruget skaber nye økonomiske alliancer.
 h) Juni 12, 2006, En ny lære om magtens deling.
 g) Maj 15, 2006, Kina har succes med ny globaliseringsstrategi.
 f) Maj 8, 2006, Iran viser det internationale systems afmagt.
 e) April 3, 2006, Ny protektionisme og nationalisme truer globaliseringen.
 d) Marts 13, 2006, Muhammad-tegninger svækker Mellemøstens moderate muslimer.
 c) Februar 13, 2006, Om cartoon sagen - mediernes moralske og politiske ansvar.
 b) Januar 23, 2006, Global værdibaseret ledelse.
 a)Januar 16, 2006. Universiteternes rolle.
 - November 21, 2005. Fugleinfluenza truer globaliseringen.
 - Oktober 17, 2005. Den grænseløse virksomhed.
 -  August 29, 2005 Japans økonomi og udsigter til reform.
 - August 15, 2005 Indien med fokus på USAs politik over for Indien og indiske multinationale virksomheder
 - August 8, 2005 Kina rykker frem (fokus på kinesiske multinationale virksomheder)
 -  June 27, 2005 Alle advarselslamper blinker. Verdensøkonomien bevæger sig hen i mod et omfattende økonomisk tilbageslag/krise. Der er mange tegn på en udvikling svarende til opløbet forud for 1929 krakket.
 - June 6, 2005 Der er gået nationalpolitisk magtkamp i globaliseringen
-  May 30, 2005 Den virtuelle virksomhed er over os
-  May 9, 2005 Kina og Indien tager føringen
-  April 18, 2005 Den asiatiske udfordring 

 B) Latest article in Aktionæren.  Januar 2009: Verdensøkonomien set fra Asien.


- Read my contribution to Ræson 1) 1/07 Ti ting at holde øje med: Asien 2) Asiens fremtid. Click www.ræson.dk

- Analysis about Globale Strategiske Udfordringer. Click

 - May 20, 2005. Presentation: Global Trends with special Emphasis on Asia. Click

 - June 3, 2005. Presentation: Hvad skal Danmark leve af? Click

- June 2, 2005.  Presentation: The economic situation and economic prospects of China and India in a global context. Click

- June 3, 2005.  Latest analysis about Global Trends to a Group af Danish Investors (pensionskasser). Click

 D) For those interested in military history and reading Danish read about the Eastern Front 1941-1945. Click

 E) For those interested in history read my article originally printed in Politiken December 29, 1982 about 'Industrisamfundet i opbrud' Click or use Systime 'Verdenshistorien i dansk perspektiv' via www.systim.dk with sources.


On the Future




When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. So don't shy away from your personal rendezvous with future trends. Meet it head on! Put on your helmet, goggles, umbrella and charge into the unknown wilderness being the future. That will open your eyes. Then you will not be confused at a higher level but much the wiser.

Will you fear the future or will you enjoy it? The choice is yours.

Joergen Oerstroem Moeller has published 36 books since 1969 on political and economical issues ranging from the European Union to Southeast Asia.

In addition, Mr. Moeller has contributed to 18 publications and been published in The American Interest, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Futures Quarterly, The Futurist, The International Economy, Business Horizons, and many many more.

Newspapers: International Herald Tribune, The Straits Times, The Business Times and many more.

Websites: In The National interest, The National Interest online, YaleGlobal online, Asia Times online, Opinion Asia

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CV of Joergen Oerstroem Moeller

Mr. Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, Adjunct Professor, Copenhagen Businees School (CBS) &  Singapore Management University, former Danish Ambassador to Singapore,    Brunei Darussalam, Australia, and New Zealand.

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